As  A Scholar

“Education is the most powerful weapon

which you can use to change the world.“

Nelson Mandela

“I wish I had another chance to study more.“

Ridim Agarwal

A man without education is like a building without a foundation. One has to bear himself to school to become what he desires to be in the future. This is what Ridim has done to be what he is today.

He endured the very essence of education. His thirst for knowledge was conspicuous, be it in any field. Looking upto the early years of education, Ridim got his primary education from his home town, with a few years in a renowned boarding school of Ranikhet, Uttarakhand (the then part of Uttar Pradesh). His higher education was at different cities, starting from Pune, Lucknow, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

Primary education shapes a person into a civilized man, higher education gives direction to your life.

Ridim completed his post graduation (MBA – Entrepreneurship) from Ahmedabad, where he showed commendable performance In many disciplines. He took the name of the institute very seriously to become an entrepreneur himself today. Understanding the subject is the key, otherwise cramming your way out of school is simpler.

Ridim has seen both sides of education- the learner and the giver. An appreciative one amongst his friends and colleagues, he undertook helping them in every possible way when in need. A person with such high endurance level and emotional intelligence knows what the person in front requires. He took to extra-curricular activities and competitions all alike, giving his best in what he did and always got out only after finishing the job with a new lesson learnt every time.

He was impressionable even as a child and a student.

“Education gives you the ability and the inclination to think about the world around you.”

Ridim Agarwal