As An Orator

“All great speakers were bad speakers at first.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A man should be known for two things- his work and his words. If he is true to his work then only he’ll be able to give you a word and if he is true for his words, he’ll stand by his work.

Ridim Agarwal  is known for his  training cum motivational  speeches amongst his  colleagues  and employees  for many years since entering into this business. His inspiring  talk  often  leaves  the  listeners mesmerized.  This  public  speaking  skill comes from within as well as from the huge experience gathered by being part of multiple domains.

His speeches mostly revolve around entrepreneurial skill development, whilst connective the diverse topics with the above subject as a whole. He knows what the listener needs to know and endeavors to fulfill their expectation by touching the deepest intrinsic details of the topic.