A name in Healthcare Industry

Inherited – 3rd generation – budding entrepreneur with 4 years of hands-on experience in managing a sole unit of family business, Optho Remedies Pvt. Ltd. (manufacturing & marketing of ophthalmic formulations), with expertise in areas ranging from business development to train & develop the sales team, along with managing marketing operations of 50+ employees.

Optho Remedies is a professional eye health care company, with Head Office based at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. The company is serving the nation since last 40+ years; with over 180 Head Quarters spread across the country; serving more than 15000 ophthalmologists / optometrists; having a robust distribution
channel, making it a truly national company.

Today   Optho   Remedies  is  a   renowned  name  in  Indian  market  and  its
formulations are being used in every home, depicting a sign & symbol of trust.

Achievements & Contributions

Under the aegis of Ridim Agarwal many new developments were incorporated, be it expansion of operations to many untouched regions of Northern India, launch of novel and innovative formulations, establishment of separate SBUs, execution of many new theories of management in day to day operations, etc.

A significant contribution was given towards ‘corporate make over’ to the company, while maintaining its rank amongst top 10 in the Indian Ophthalmic pharmaceutical industry.