A name in Medical Tourism

Obligo Medi Voyage (a unit of Obligo Enterprises), a young initiative of team with varied experience in Healthcare, is a firm providing comprehensive medical tourism and wellness tourism services, headquartered at Delhi, India. Obligo keeps the ethics of a very popular Indian belief ‘Atithi Devo Bhav’ (meaning ‘Guest is God’) and cater to our guest with the best of hospitality.

Ridim Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Obligo Medivoyage, has strived hard to bring this firm to its current state. At the age of 29, he has worked his magic and created a name & brand identity for the firm. He has stood his ground and made many important decisions for the firm to bring it where it is today. It is never easy being a CEO of the firm and Ridim has very well proved his mettle. He has carried forward the legacy of a family that has served the Healthcare Industry for over 40 years, with a single vision of “Affordable and quality health care for all’. As part of CSR Activities they have done various philanthropy works for the past one decade under the aegis of Shri R.K.Agarwal Memorial Foundation.

Today, the firm is moving alongside its competitors at a very comfortable pace. With his strong vision, he has ensured passing a strong message around that the organization is here to progress. Everyone starts small and his story is no different. Along with the management of family business in healthcare, he has created his own destiny and ensured that his firm went places.

From very small towns to the biggest of cities, he has an outreach everywhere. At present, the firm is consistently endeavoring to do better day by day, whilst not spoiling its current record. Ridim’s knowledge and skill base have been the key components in the growth of the firm. His professional experience and academic background both have contributed to his growth story.

His post-graduation in marketing has ensured that he utilizes all the right components effectively for the success of Obligo. Of course, there is a long way to go and he is going to ensure that Obligo covers the whole length of the distance.

As an entrepreneur, Ridim loves what he does; he knows his strengths and weaknesses; and has a compelling vision with a clear idea of his goals and the ability to articulate that vision to others. He is an action-focused man.

“He treats everything as an opportunity. For him, every challenge, every problem,

every set-back is an opportunity to learn and develop.”